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100 entrepreneurs share the story of their struggles and experiences

From the founders of,, Udemy, Rackspace, Vidicom, All American Clothing and many more - get a free preview of the book where these successful people share their stories and advice.

What to expect


Gaining traction

How the founder of and other entrepreneurs got the first paying customers


Pricing strategies

Founder of Udemy and other businesses tell us how they arrived at the sweet spot


Startup failure

Finding your groove back after your startup fails. Is finding a job easy?

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Raising family

How to manage family responsibilities with a growing startup


Getting funded

Rejected by VCs? How to find the right investors for your business.

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Women startuppers

Overcoming the gender bias and stereotypes facing women entrepreneurs

About the author

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Anand Srinivasan

Anand Srinivasan is a digital media consultant from Bangalore, India. He publishes a newsletter for entrepreneurs at Anand has launched several internet businesses in the past 7 years. Write to him at anand (at)

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